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Enjoy having the best, safe and easy way to get profits in your account through the Forex trading services our company offer.

Unlike other kind of difficult strategies to enter in the Huge Forex Market (which needs some Technical / Fundamental  and markets knowledge to set them like the buying of an Ea, the copy of a signal etc.), the Forex trading services we offer are easy to implement. You only have to open the account in the broker following our guidelines (5 min process) and sign the Forex Account management Agreement – Lpoa (limited power of attorney).

Once done, we’ll take care of the trading , in the most comfortable way, you’ll only have to see how the balance of your account grows.

Being a team run by humans , behind the scenes all the time adapting trading to the market behaviour, ensure the best trading treatment to your account and a successfully investment experience.

First of all, you need to know that the Forex trading services that we offer are called ‘Managed Forex account’ and it is a type of foreign exchange (FX) account in which an asset manager trades on a client’s behalf applying a performance fee.

So, ‘Managed forex accounts’ are like hiring an investment consultant to maintain a traditional investment account of, for example, equities and bonds.

We offer Forex trading services, but who is a trader?

The professionals who deep into buying and selling on the Forex market are known as traders. The main difference among a trader and a regular investor is that the second ones tend to have a longer-term time horizon, though traders tend to keep the assets for shorter periods of time trying to capitalize on short-term trends.

The Safety and costs involved of a Managed Forex Accounts Foreign exchange markets are usually done by sophisticated traders, who takes the advantage of a capability to handle huge amounts of their client account’s funds to amplify their gains as asset managers.

Investors that aren’t experts in Forex market, but still want to take advantage of the great potential of making their funds grow through the Forex market, may consider to hire Forex trading services.

Having the services of a managed account professional company you can take advantage of their forex traders’ professionals.

A company with Forex trading services could offer you many different services among brokerage firm service, managed accounts, Expert Advisors, reviews about investment strategies and investment, signal services, etc.

Managed account is the best forex trading service that a company can offer you. It is based on selecting the best asset manager teams and that’s  what More Fx does.

We will offer you different strategies from different asset managers in order to to have your investments as diversified and secure as possible.

The interest of the client and the interest of the professional asset managers are the same because they only get paid a 10 percent (10%) over the profit That fee represents only less proportional profits, but never an extra cost from the investor’s side, that’s why is the best trading forex service.

Our asset managers will always study and adapt to the markets and it has no a extra cost for you.

Our company of forex trading services offers one of the best great selection of asset managers groups. Our goal is that our clients can access to their long term, steady profitable strategies and diversify in one of best selection of conservative and profitable strategies of the whole Forex market.

Your turn to make a move!

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